Iwo Jima Photographer Dies

Vision & Goals of VeteranStories.us

My name is Steve Holden and I am the founder of this site.

The very basic vision of VeteranStories.us is to "explore the rich history of those who have served" the United States of America in military service.  Specifically but not exclusively as members of the United States Armed Forces.

I have been podcasting since 2004 at TechNewsRadio.com (a member of FriendsInTech.com), and at JerseyBoysPodcast.com since 2005.  Podcasting and blogging - the new media of the Internet - means a lot of things to me, but one of key ones is historical record.  A secondary and amplifying reason to historical record, is the ability to publicize ideas, thoughts, opinions, experiences and values without a filter.

Since December 2005 I noted an abundance of new media focused on veterans and their stories, and I have a large circle of family, friends, and acquaintances who have served but never had their stories told (including my father who served in WWII who passed away in 1993 nor my uncle's who served in WII, Korea, and Vietnam). 

So the goals (as of August 2006) for VeteranStories.us have materialized as:

  • Timely capture and report interesting veteran historical news in the form of blog posts
  • Highlight audio and video veteran stories independently produced and posted on the Internet via timely blog posts
  • Professional report all media in a transparent and truthful manner
  • Produce, record, and publish VeteranStories.us audio programming (ie. podcasts) via Creative Commons license
  • Provide a community for other podcasters to capture and share other veteran stories for a richer historical record

This is starting out as a one person effort, but to be truly successful many will have to contribute as readers, bloggers, and podcasters.  If you are interested in helping, please contact me at: [email protected] or call 619-631-4433.

If you are a veteran ... thank you for your service.  My freedoms that I enjoy everyday are because of sacrifices like yours.  Please join me in sharing your story.

- s/n Steve Holden