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Spanish Civil War Veteran Passes Away

Elias "Dutch" Schultz, one of "last American veterans of the Spanish Civil War", passed away on Tuesday (August 26, 2006) just three days after his 96th birthday.  We was also talented sculptor and longshoreman. [SeattlePI]

You can learn more about American participation in the Spanish Civil War by checking out the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive.

Veterans Administration Data To Get Encryption

Technology industry trade magazines Information Week, eWeek, and ComputerWorld are reporting that new information assurance technologies are going to be deployed before the end of Sept. 2006 at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs to better safe guard veteran's personal and medical information.

In recent months, the VA has reported two different computer systems  that went missing, but then were recovered.  Unfortunately each system still had veteran's data that would have been visible to any user of the systems lost/stolen if they knew that the data was there.

This integrated security suite will include solutions from Guardian Technologies, and Trust Digital.