D-Day 70 Years Later - June 6, 1944


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San Diego WWII Veterans Travel To Washington DC

Honor-flight-sandiegoJohn Wilkens at the Union-Tribune has an in-depth article with some great pictures of WWII Veterans visiting Washington DC including the WWII memorial.

A total of "105 veterans" took an "all-expenses-paid Honor Flight trip this weekend from San Diego were treated like heroes wherever they went. Strangers came up and thanked them for their service."

The group that puts this all together is the San Diego Honor Flight team.

Supporting Naval Special Warfare Members & Families

Seal-nsw-foundationKarla Peterson has a great interview in the San Diego Union-Tribune with Craig Irving who started a local San Diego organization to support members of the Naval Special Warfare communities and their families.  

The group is called the SEAL - NSW Family Foundation and they have a big fundraiser coming up on May 19, 2012.

There is another similar group based on the East Coast - Navy SEAL Warrior Fund - that is going to be merging with this group according to the PilotOnline.com to form the Navy SEAL Foundation.

WWII Veteran Builds School For New Guinea Village

ABC.news and the AP Newswire has a great story about WWII veteran Fred Hargesheimer who was shot down over New Guinea on June 5, 1943.  He survived without being captured by the Japanese with the help of local villagers.  After the war he returned in the 1960s and eventually helped build a school that has helped the region flourish.

You can learn more about this topic from a book that Fred wrote about the experience called "The School That Fell From The Sky".

Veteran Stories Podcast #002 - Mr. Pleasant Devin, US Navy, Korean War

The 2nd Veteran Stories Podcast has been posted.  This podcast is recorded by Kevin Devin and it is his personal interview with his father Pleasant Devin, who was a member of the U.S. Navy and served on the USS St. Paul (CA-73) during the the Korean War (1950s).

Some links mentioned in this podcast include:

 (Size 13.5 MBs, Running Time 29m23s, Originally Published 12-27-06)

Veteran Stories Podcast #001 - Mr. Harold Ball, US Navy, WWII


The 1st Veteran Stories Podcast is with Mr. Harold Ball, and it covers his stories and experiences related to his service in the Merchant Marines (1942-1943) and the U.S. Navy (1943-1946) during War World II.  His first ship was a Liberty Ship the SS Zane Grey:

  • February - June 1943: Shipped locomotion engines to India via Australia; Port visits to Egypt and Israel as "Invasion of Crete" deception
  • July 1943: Invasion of Sicily (8th Army support) near the loss of SS Timothy Pickering
  • August 1943: Malta & Gibraltar; mine damage to the SS Harrison Gray Otis
  • August - Sept 1943: Atlantic Ocean crossing with "Baby Carriers" providing protection

Harold was then at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY from the Fall 1943 - Early 1944.  His second ship was the USS Pickaway Attack Transport:

 (Size 15.7 MBs, Running Time 34m20s, Originally Published 11-11-06)