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Veteran Stories Podcast #002 - Mr. Pleasant Devin, US Navy, Korean War

The 2nd Veteran Stories Podcast has been posted.  This podcast is recorded by Kevin Devin and it is his personal interview with his father Pleasant Devin, who was a member of the U.S. Navy and served on the USS St. Paul (CA-73) during the the Korean War (1950s).

Some links mentioned in this podcast include:

 (Size 13.5 MBs, Running Time 29m23s, Originally Published 12-27-06)

Cold War Recon Mission Honored With Awards

"Just three years after the Berlin Airlift and as Americans were still fighting in the Korean War, American leaders needed to know if the Soviet military was establishing an airfield capable of basing fighter aircraft, TU-4 bombers and establishing radar facilities in an unknown arctic Soviet territory.

"To determine if the Soviets were expanding into the artic area that could have made American and NATO targets vulnerable to an attack, Tech. Sgt. Roscoe Lindsay and 11 other aircrew members on an RB-50E based at Thule Air Base, Greenland, flew their jet to photograph the area to find out without a shadow of a doubt."

National Cemeteries Get Online Maps

Federal Computer Week (FCW) is reporting that the Dept. of Veteran Affairs is now publishing online maps to better locate gravesites of veterans and dependents buried in national cemeteries.  The current site is at:

Currently there are 3 million veterans and dependents in the national cemeteries database.  This database will also include primate cemeteries and state veteran's cemeteries.  According to FCW some 1,000 new records are added every day, and there are currently over 5 million records in the database already.

The VA is planning to provide kiosk access at national cemeteries to make on-site searches quicker and easier for visitors.

Veterans Administration Data To Get Encryption

Technology industry trade magazines Information Week, eWeek, and ComputerWorld are reporting that new information assurance technologies are going to be deployed before the end of Sept. 2006 at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs to better safe guard veteran's personal and medical information.

In recent months, the VA has reported two different computer systems  that went missing, but then were recovered.  Unfortunately each system still had veteran's data that would have been visible to any user of the systems lost/stolen if they knew that the data was there.

This integrated security suite will include solutions from Guardian Technologies, and Trust Digital.