Cold War Recon Mission Honored With Awards

"Just three years after the Berlin Airlift and as Americans were still fighting in the Korean War, American leaders needed to know if the Soviet military was establishing an airfield capable of basing fighter aircraft, TU-4 bombers and establishing radar facilities in an unknown arctic Soviet territory.

"To determine if the Soviets were expanding into the artic area that could have made American and NATO targets vulnerable to an attack, Tech. Sgt. Roscoe Lindsay and 11 other aircrew members on an RB-50E based at Thule Air Base, Greenland, flew their jet to photograph the area to find out without a shadow of a doubt."

New Gulf War Syndrome Study

CNN reporting on a new report from the VA on the widely debated "Gulf War Syndrome" written by Johns Hopkins University's Institute of Medicine which is part of the National Academy of Sciences.  The report was authorized by Congress.

While has not read the report, the CNN piece actually seems to create more questions than answers.